The “Vision Quest” is an intense and demanding event, especially for the “seekers”.The responsibility of how you’ll live this extraordinary experience is just yours. So you will take full responsibility as to what may occur during this event, signing a specific releasing.

  1. During the ceremony (4 days) it's prohibited the use of any drug and alcohol, as well as any behaviour that is not in harmony with the spirit of the family.
  2. It's prohibited to light fires anywhere (included: camp burners, candles, oil or gas lanterns) in all the area reserved for the "Vision Quest". It will only allowed to use of electric flashlights.
  3. It's prohibited the use of any kind of soap in the river, a special area will be prepared for personal igiene where it will possible to use only biodegradable soaps
  4. It's prohibited to make any video-audio recording inside the cerimonial circle.
  5. Animals are not allowed.
  6. Anyone below 18 cannot participate as seeker, only as supporter.
  7. Anyone who has to take medicines daily or has important health issues cannot participate as seeker.
  8. Mothers with children that are less than 5 years old cannot participate as seekers.
  9. Any supporter that has children must have someone at the camp who can look after the children whent the supporter is doing the Temazcal cerimonies (dawn and sunset).
  10. Women seekers with their menstruation period can only be supported at the camp by women who are having their period as well.
  11. It will not be possible to access the camp or the any activity without the card of the organization "Radici della Terra" (covers also personal insurance).
  12. The maximum number of participants is 99. Once excedeed that amount it won't be possible to accept any more persons at the cam